Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice

Health Levels: -0/-1×2/-2×2/-4/Incap.

Actions: Assess Wealth: 6 dice; Climbing: 7 dice;
Senses: 5 dice; Persuade: 7 dice; Sailing: 5 dice
Appearance 3 , Resolve 3, Guile 3

Attack (Chopping sword): 7 dice (Damage 12,
minimum 2)

Evasion 3, Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 8


Flight of Separation

Flight of the Brilliant Raptor
Cost: 15sm, 1wp
Keywords: Decisive-only, Perilous
Duration: Instant
The sorcerer shapes flames of diamond and ruby into the form of a majestic bird of prey, evoking the elemental majesty of the garda birds. The player rolls (Perception + Occult) as a decisive attack against an enemy at up to long range, then sends the raptor streaking forth to consume her foe in deadly flames. The brilliant raptor embodies the sorcerer’s will, with a base lethal damage equal to (her Initiative + current temporary Willpower), and resets her to base Initiative on a successful attack. As long as the raptor deals 3+ levels of damage to its target, it ignites a bonfire (p. 230) that engulfs him and all terrain within short range of him, and burns until the end of the scene.

Mists of Eventide
Cost: 7sm, 2wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Three rounds
The sorcerer lulls the Essence of air into sleep, transforming
it into an opalescent fog of slumber. Mists of Eventide creates
a cloud centered on a point out to medium range from the
sorcerer, spreading to engulf all characters within short
range of the center. Each round that a character breathes or
has skin exposed to the mist, he must roll against its poison
(Damage 3i/round, Duration 6 rounds, -3 penalty). Characters
who are crashed while suffering from the Mists of Eventide’s
effects do not take damage from it—instead, they fall into
magical slumber, rendered comatose for a single day.
Special activation rules: Mists of Eventide can only be
cast once per scene, unless reset when a Mists-poisoned
opponent falls into Initiative Crash.

A sorcerer who knows Mists of Eventide as his control
spell can control the dreams of anyone who sleeps within
his mists, causing them not only to dream what he
commands, but to physically act out those dreams while
sleepwalking. They can even be forced to battle their allies.
Controlling someone in this fashion costs one point of
Willpower per individual. Sorcerers with Mists of Eventide
as their control spell sleep fitfully with their eyes wide
open unless surrounded by the mists.

Demon of the First Circle
Cost: Ritual, 2wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
The sorcerer conjures one of the least monsters of the Demon Realm into Creation, breaking and binding it to her will. This spell requires a ritual that begins at sundown, and ends at the stroke of midnight. A faint green glow traces out a rift between Creation and Hell, and a First Circle Demon of the sorcerer’s choice is drawn forth, howling with rage, fear, or sorrow.


He is a bit cocky and flirtatious, he grew up in nexus acquiring his power from a touch of the wyld from firewander. Recently after a friendship with owl he is considering leaving Zolans service to explore a bit, no longer considering money a garanee of security.


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