Nephrack hunting for Seraph


Essence: 5; Willpower: 9; Join Battle: 11 dice
Personal Motes: 100
Health Levels: -0×3/-1×3/-2×6/-4×6/Incap.

Actions: Command: 5 dice; Feats of Strength: 9 dice
(may attempt Strength 5 feats); Read Motives: 8 dice;
Prayer: 11 dice; Senses: 8 dice; Shape Sorcery: 13 dice;
Social Influence: 9 dice; Stealth: 7 dice; Strategy: 8 dice;
Underworld Lore: 10 dice

Appearance 5 (Hideous), Resolve 4, Guile 5

Attack (Soulsteel daiklave): 13 dice (Damage 17,
minimum 5)

Combat Movement: 9 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 6
Soak/Hardness: 17/10 (Soulsteel articulated plate)


Void-Eaten Soul: The nephwracks have seen the void at
the end of all things and dreamt the dreams of dead gods.
Any social influence opposed by a Derangement
or the nephwrack’s absolute enmity to life is
unacceptable, as is any Psyche effect, sorcerous control,
or healing magic that would undo their madness.

Power From Madness
A nephwrack may draw power from its madness once per
scene, reflexively rolling its current Willpower and losing
a point for each die that does not come up a success to
gain (10 + [Willpower lost x 2]) sorcerous motes that last
for the duration of the scene or until spent, whichever
comes first. Whenever they kill a living creature, they gain
sorcerous motes equal to (its Essence).

Accursed Wraith Body (2i; Reflexive; Instant; Perilous;
Essence 4): The nephwrack may double 9s on any dice
roll it makes while in combat, or add +1 to either of
its Defenses.

Clinging Shadow Miasma (5m, 4i, 1wp; Reflexive; One
scene; Perilous; Essence 4): An unnatural darkness radiates
from the nephwrack out to medium range. While the
dead can see through this, the living are treated as blind—
and worse, shadowy hands rise up from the ground to
cling at them. The nephwrack’s shadowy aura is treated
as difficult terrain, and any character who fails a movement
action through it is dragged prone by the hands,
with difficulty 4 to rise. This ends if the nephwrack is
crashed and cannot be reused in the same scene.

Dawn of Dead Stars (10m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Psyche;
Essence 5): The nephwrack unleashes its madness into the
world, filling the mind of everything living or dead with
the dark dreams of the Neverborn. Undead battle groups
under its command gain +1 Might, and it doubles 9s on all
command rolls to issue orders to these. Enemies, on the
other hand, must contend with terrifying hallucinations
and dark urges, rolling (Wits + Integrity) against difficulty 4 at the beginning of each turn. On a failed roll, they lose
two points of Initiative, which the nephwrack gains, and
take a -3 penalty on all actions that turn. Enemies crashed
by this lose a point of Willpower—or gain a Derangement
at Minor intensity, if they have none to lose.

Soul Destruction (5m, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Aggravated,
Decisive-only; Essence 5): The nephwrack annihilates
the souls of the living it slays. Soul Destruction
doubles 9s on a decisive damage roll. Double 8s if the victim
is crashed or out of Willpower; double 7s if both are true.
If this incapacitates the enemy, his soul is utterly destroyed,
leaving his body nothing more than a comatose husk and
restoring two points of Willpower to the nephwrack.

Thousand Deaths Curse (8m, 1wp; Simple; Instant;
Psyche; Essence 4): To glance into the eyes of a nephwrack
is to see one’s death a thousand times. At Initiative 20+,
the nephwrack may roll nine dice against the Resolve of
an enemy within medium range. Success forces that character
to live out his death in waking nightmares, rendering
him unable to take any actions other than flailing
around and seeking cover from imaginary threats for the
rest of the scene. The cursed character automatically fails
rolls against Dawn of Dead Stars. Allies can break this illusion
with 10+ successes on an instill action. Thousand
Deaths Curse also ends if the victim takes damage. It resets
the nephwrack to base Initiative if successful.

Defensive Charms

Broken Mirror Tragedy (7m, 4i; Reflexive; Instant;
Psyche; Essence 4): The nephwrack clouds the mind of
an attacker with shadows and paranoid impulses, rolling
nine dice against his Resolve. If it succeeds, it may redirect
the attack to any other character within range. Eye
of the Unconquered Sun or comparable effects render
characters immune to this illusion. Waive the Initiative
cost of this Charm if Dawn of Dead Stars is active.
Social Charms*

Black Heart’s Call (—; Permanent; Essence 3): Nephwracks
are so deeply in tune with their own dark urges
that they can perceive that same darkness in others. When
the nephwrack interacts with a character who shares with
it a Major or Defining Intimacy that is a negative Tie or a
malicious or nihilistic Principle, it adds three bonus successes
on rolls to discern such Intimacies.

Materialize (50m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 4): The
Nephwrack can manifest itself in the living world in a
chilling, liquid surge of anti-light.

Nemissary’s Ride (20m, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Essence
1): While nephwracks can materialize, they may also
possess human corpses. They use the physical Attributes,
soak, and health track of the corpse’s former life in place
of his own, but otherwise retain their traits. Freshly dead
or well-embalmed bodies suffer a -1 penalty on rolls to
disguise their dead nature; this penalty rises with advancing
decay until disguise becomes impossible. The possessor
is ejected if the animated corpse runs out of health
levels. Attacks capable of striking the immaterial damage
both the corpse’s health track and the nephwrack’s.


*Corrupted Words
Cost: 15sm, 1wp

Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares
Cost: Ritual, 1wp



Exalted of the East (3rd Edtion) mindnsoul2003