The Lost Manse

The Lost Manse is a Sidereal manse located in the River Province, almost exactly in the center of the diamond defined by Lookshy, Nexus, Sijan, and Port Calin.

Deep in a forest with few straightforward paths, there is a small circular clearing with a picturesque grassy hill, atop which is a small ornate stone pagoda. Large boulders dot the foot of the hill, and in an alcove between two of them, in such a way as to not be obvious at first, there is a narrow but easily-traversed cave. If one follows this cave, it will suddenly open into a massive chamber of unhewn stone, lit softly from below by a vast field of splendid multicolored glowing crystals.

Hanging from the ceiling of the chamber there is a many-storied upside-down stone tower in an architectural style recalling a Japanese temple, and from a lower floor a narrow stone bridge with no railings or handholds connects to the entrance cave. The bridge is smooth and flat and easy enough to walk across, but one should keep their wits about them for slipping or misstepping may lead to death.

The tower itself houses a litany of rooms and facilities, enough to constitute a small town in itself. However, its sole permanent inhabitant (aside from the Solar Exalts who have recently claimed it) is an Ifrit who calls himself Scholar of Neglected Topics.

The hearth chamber is at the very top of the tower, sealed behind several locked doors, some of which are hidden. The hearthstone formed from the manse is the Stone of Hidden Refuge, and it is stowed elsewhere in the manse. This hearthstone gives the manse its primary magical defense: anyone with ill intent toward any current resident of the Manse finds that they cannot find their way through the forest surrounding the clearing, with paths seemingly looping back upon themselves.

The Lost Manse

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